About Us

About Us

Prof. Dr. Erdal Fırat has served in engineering positions in private sector for years. With the excitement to share his knowledge and experience with the sector, he started his own company under his name. One of the founding aims of the company is to present complete solutions to manufacturing industry. 

Our company has made its principle to provide the same quality in sales, education, support, consultancy and service for all design, manufacturing and engineering softwares. Under the light of technological development, with protecting the environment, we also made our mission to reach the highest degree of customer satisfaction and to apply constant quality concept.

The software we are the distributor of;

- Surfcam Traditional
- Surfcam
- Surfcam Part Modeler
- Surfcam Designer

The fairs we participated;

- 2006 TATEF Fair, İstanbul
- 2007 3T Fair, İzmir
- 2011 İzmir International Fair, İzmir
- 2012 İzmir International Fair, İzmir
- 2013 İzmir International Fair, İzmir
- 2014 MAKTEK Fair, İstanbul
- 2016 MAKTEK Fair, İstanbul
- 2018 MAKTEK Fair, İstanbul
- 2019 MAKTEK Fair, İzmir

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