Erdal Fırat Engineering has been presenting complete solutions to the industry on design, manufacturng and engineering subjects since 2006. Other than those; our company aims to find secret costs, to provide precision with the product, to give our customers quality feedbacks, to train the customer on the product, shortly to understand customer in a better way and give them the oppurtunity to connect with the product.

Towards this end, with the usage of the experience we gained over the years, we want to reach our aims. So our vision;

- to give the customer the value they deserve

- to believe in the quality and the organizational determination on providing the quality,

- to appriciate and inspire creativity and innovation within the organization,

- to value employees

- to value virtue and moral codes

- to take responsibility for society

- to respect the environment and the nature and take it as a responsibility is where we put our company.

We want to understand our customers, understand the work each of our customers do and by doing so, we want to step a little closer to them. We aim to step up off the competitive market and to position ourselves on the upper market with win-win principle.

Our mission is to be sensitive to the society and to the environment, insist upon the happiness of our customers, to be a brand by using the innovative technology under the light of sustainable development with the employees in a great team spirit.

With the lead of this positioning, we predict that we will be more helpful with our customers and give them clear messages by adding more and more on our competence and experience.

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