Why Erdal Fırat Engineering?

Why Erdal Fırat Engineering?

We, as Erdal Fırat Engineering, proivde our clients with innovative design and production solutions.

Erdal Fırat Engineering, with 4 years of SURFCAM Turkey Distributorship and 23 years of CAD/CAM experience, institutionalised organizational structure and young team, presents integrated solutions on software sales, technical support and education.

Here are the differences of Erdal Fırat Engineering;

- 12 years of CAD/CAM expertise (Surfcam, SolidWorks)

- Serious educational institution

- Over 200 customers, over 10000 users

- The most thematic Surfcam syllabus

- With hundreds of users sharing designs: Erdal Fırat Engineering Social Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)

- Video based case studies where you can hear us from our customers 

- Educational videos on Erdal Fırat YouTube account.

These are the few reasons that lead our customers into chosing Erdal Fırat Engineering. Please contact us to hear about our solutions on efficency and innovative design and production. Our main purpose is to build a trust based relation with our customers.

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