CAD Training

CAD Training

Educational Objective: Mechanical Engineers, Technical Teachers, Designers, Furniture Designers, Machine Technicians, Agricultural Machinery Engineers, other related Industrial Occupations, as well as high school graduates who want to be assistants of drawing can benefit from this training.

Benefits of Training: By defining the CAD programs, the technical drawing rules on the paper are passed to the computer environment via CAD programs. It is a program aimed at realizing engineering applications. The analytical thinking structure and the strong ability of three-dimensional perception shortens the learning process. CAD programs are three-dimensional modeling programs that can respond to many needs in the manufacturing sector. It is also used for product development purposes. There should be construction information according to the usage area of ​​the individuals to participate in the training.

- 2D Drawing

- Basic Parts Design

- Modeling Elements and Replicas

- Crusting and Support Elements

- Sheet Metal Modeling

- Working with Surfaces

- Configurations and Multiple Body

- Mold Modeling

- Profiles and Piping

- Installation

- Technical Drawing
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