Surfcam Training

Surfcam Training

Educational Objective: Mechanical Engineers, Technical Teachers, Designers, Furniture Designers, Machine Technicians and Technicians, Agricultural Machinery Engineers, Machine Painters, other related Industrial Occupations, as well as high school graduates who want to be assistants of drawing can benefit from this training.

Educational Benefits: CAM, which stands for computer-aided manufacturing, is the first letter of Computer Aided Manufacturing in English. Computer aided manufacturing is often described as the control of machines using computer programs during part production. CAM can also be referred to as the use of a computer program to assist in the overall operation of a plant, including planning, management, transportation and storage in general. As the energy consumption is reduced in CAM production, less tolerant and precise sized parts are obtained. Furthermore, since there is a precise and error-free production route, the raw material is used in the required amount and the amount of waste produced in the production is minimized. This results in faster and more economical production.

Erdal Fırat Engineering certificate is given!


• Machinery manufacturing,

• Aviation and defense industry,

Electrical electronics,

• Automotive,

• Casting,

• Molding,

• It is used in all sectors like medical.

2.5 Axis Milling;

• Reference, Inventory, Target creation,

• Creating a tool list,

• Surface treatment,

• Pocket processing,

• Multi-pocket processing,

• Spot and hole drilling,

• Channel Opening,

• T-channel processing,

• Example applications,

3 Axis Milling;

• Rough Processing,

• Intermediate Rough Processing,

• Fixed-Z Processing,

• Helical Lapping,

Horizontal Field Processing,

• Linear Processing,

• Co-centered machining,

• Border Processing,

• Spiral Processing,

• Rest Machining,

• 3D Fixed Step processing,

• Final Pen Processing,

• Example Applications

4-5 Axis Milling;

• 4 Axis (Divisor) Machining Logic,

• 5 Axis Machining Logic
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