Surfcam 4/5 Axis

Surfcam 4/5 Axis

Parallel to the developing technologies, machine tools have integrated with computers, thus their abilities improved but their control became harder. 

With its 30 years of production experience and leader technology, Surfcam creates solutions aiming complex production need like 4 and 5-axis.

Complex parts of defense industry, space-aviation, automative, mold industry, medical machines, textile and others sectors can be machined easily now with Surfcam.

Advantages of 4/5-Axis

- High technology alternative machining options
- Benefit of using 2D and 3D data  
- Ability to turn 3-axis toolpaths into 5-axis
- With indexing 3+2-axis, simultaneous working skills on 4/5-axis
- Proper solutions for different needs
- Preventing the possible mistakes with complete machining simulation

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