3D Scanner

3D Scanner

With the aid of a 3D scanner it is possible to convert the physical shape of any object to a digital model. This model can be exported in standard (STL) format or can be used to produce original product in direct milling or rapid prototyping. The mathematical model created by 3D scanners can be processed in any CAD environment. This eases the mold making process which is very difficult normally. Our 3D scanner offers the ability to compare mathematical model to size control of digitized object. As a result of this comparison, the model can be modified if necessary by revealing the difference between the model and the original object. 

- We serve in 3D scannin + 3D solid modelling to our customers

- We use .step, .x_t in deliveration of works

- You can open .step and .x_t formats in any 3D CAD programs and do work on it.

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