It is possible to make use of all the advantages of advanced technologies and evaluate the information correctly, by providing correct consulting services together with good software. Erdal Fırat Engineering High Technology Ltd provides consultancy services to introduce the applications of new technologies and adapt to customers. Thus, the utilization efficiency of the companies is increased to the highest level.

It offers consulting services to customers in the fields of PC and Network ranging from parametric solid model to surface modeling, computer aided manufacturing and design to digitization. Identification of the paths to be followed in the implementation of the programs and solutions to problems that may arise are carried out within the scope of consultancy services such as extraction of usage efficiency to the upper levels, establishment of control mechanisms, introduction of new technologies and applications and adaptation to the company.

Services we offer;

- Installation of CAD/CAM systems to factories
- Collective staff technical education
- 3D project service and modelling
- International professional relations
- PC/Network Work Stations solution
- Reverse engineering services
- Post Processor service to CAM systems
- 3D model converters
- DNC and Multi DNC service
- Part analysis service

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