Surfcam DNC

Surfcam DNC

What's structure of EDIT NC REPOST?

EDIT NC is a complete solution that contains your repost, high MB NC Editor, over macro wtriting, integration of NC examples in prompt cycle, calculators and DNC system.

The software keeps protocols in the central computer, which keeps CNC programs in database logic, manages them and provides communication with each machine.

DNC connects PC's serial port with a hardware defined as hub and it has 8 RS232 port output and each port output connects to a CNC machine with speacial quality, unaffected by noise cables. With this system, the number of CNCs in use can be increased to 128 and the distance between CNC machines and DNC hub can be increased until 1 km.

CNC programs prepared in the CAM system can be loaded directly to the machines by making a network connection between the computer, which is optionally called the central computer, and the CAM system.

Advantages of DNC System;

- CNC programs prepared with DNC system are collected in one center. The regular loss of data with the regular backup to the central computer will cease.

- CNC programs can be downloaded by machine operators, there is no need to have a staff specifically trained for this purpose.

- Since the central computer keeps the latest version of the CNC programs, there is no risk that the machine operators install the wrong program.

- If the CNC program is modified on the counter by the machine operator, the modified version of the program can be sent back to the central computer.

- For programs uploaded to the central computer, different lines can be easily detected using the comparison program.

- If any connection (such as CNC machine) is provided between the DNC system and the Tool Presetter machine, tool length and diameter offset can be uploaded to the central computer as a file and can be downloaded to the machine. Thus, the diameter and height information of hundreds of jigs to be entered by the operators in the CNC bench is loaded without errors and quickly.

- The DNC system can be connected to coordinate measuring machines (CMM) to upload / download programs that are used for part measurement. Also, with the method called Reverse Engineering, coordinate information can be taken to create models on the computer connected to the CMM machine.

- Copies of the PLC files belonging to the looms can be held on the central computer and can be intervened in a very short time if problems affecting the loom functions are uploaded to the looms when necessary.

- If ISO 9000 or similar quality system is used, it is the ideal solution for revision control and management of CNC programs.

- Automatic recording is maintained for program upload / download operations. This information can be accessed at any time, such as which program is installed on which time slot, how long after the new program is loaded.

- Using the "Machine Tool Monitoring" methods, more advanced DNC systems can be used to record information such as CNC benchmarks (progress, speed, machine alarms, cutting tool wear status).

The graphical simulation of tool paths also comes as a module of DNC packages. This way, the toolpaths in the CNC programs can be tested and verified before loading the workbench.

Efficency DNC system creates;

- 10 minutes for each program upload (depending on the use of USB or Laptop)

- 20 minutes for each program's tool length and diameter offset information (On the machine control system, manual entry of offset values)

- 60 minutes for each program according to the MDI method

- In comparing the differences of the uploaded programs, an average of 30 minutes of time per program was determined by statistics.

Also, the time lost and the effect on the productivity of the materials must be taken into consideration at all times for the production of faulty parts due to incorrect, old, revision CNC program or tool offset loading and quality control of faulty parts.

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