Success Stories

Batuhan Kaygan

General Manager

In 2015 we took very big order from the CN-WIRE Corporation USA. Wıth our existing cam program it was impossible to catch the schedule, during this period we met with Surfcam, from Vero Software and its distributor for Turkey, Mr. Prof. Dr. Erdal Firat from Erdal Firat Engineering. Then Mr. Prof. Dr. Erdal Firat made some demos for us to spot the difference Surfcam offers in our cycle times. The results were outstanding. Surfcam optimized our cycle times up to more than 40 percent. The next thing was the practicality of the program because our cad-cam team was using another program and we thought that it would not be easy to use another program. Mr. Prof. Dr. Erdal Firat and his team trained our employees on Surfcam and offered their unconditional support during this transition period. We must confess that we astonished from the results because at the end of the day our cad-cam facility was using Surfcam without asking any questions. In one week we become expert and we were using Surfcam perfectly. Thanks to Vero Software we delivered our order on time.

"After the sincerity we got from Mr. Prof. Dr. Erdal Firat and his team and seeing the support and positive attitudes and feedbacks Vero Software offers, we consider ourselves as part of this big and beautiful family and we are very happy to be included in this family. Thank you Erdal Firat Engineering, Vero Corporation and Surfcam family."

Batuhan Kaygan

Genel Müdür

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